Starcast: Navdeep, Shila, Vijay Kumar
Director: Raja Rajan
Music: Mani Sharma
Running Time:
Year: 2006

Love never tires. Especially our story writers and directors. Like God, love has many manifestations, and one of it is tried out in Seethakoka Chiluka. It is a typical village love story. But what may work in its favor is the fact it has well-packaged ingredients --- music, glamour, sentiments. Such things normally can click in B and C Centers. But, on the flip side, if you are looking for something novel then Seethakoka Chiluka disappoints as it 'matrixed' in a formulaic pattern.

Srinivas (Navdeep) and Laxmi (Sheela) both belonging to the same village, go to a city college. Not surprisingly they fall in love. The villain for them is Laxmi's sister's hisband (Prithviraj). He covets for her and also manages to convince Laxmi's parents (Vijayakumar and Sangeetha) that he is believable and acceptable. But deep inside, he moves the coin against the duo.

The lover couple has to get past his shenanigans to unite. Can they or will the bad man have the last laugh? You pretty well know. The compact story has dealt in a compact sort of way, with right amount of music and sentiments.

Navdeep, as the love-lorn youth, and a man dissipating the duplicitous ways of the arch villain, is full energy and bounce. He puts in a lot of effort. He dances with elegant abandon. Sheela is cute and convincing. Not averse to glamour, the young girl, if nurtured properly can go a long way. Prithviraj as the heroine's brother-in-law and the main villain brings out the devious and duplicity in his character convincingly. Subalekha Sudhakar as the hero's father, Vijayakumar and Sangeetha are all okay. Suhasini, as district Collector, delivers an inspirational note.


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