Cap seller and a monkey

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:30
Year: 2015

"Once in a small town there lived Selly, a Cap seller. Selly: Caps... Caps for hot sun and cold rain. Caps... caps. Caps in all colors. He used to sell caps in all the nearby towns and villages. One day, as usual he started for his business. He decided to go to the next village. To go to the next village he had to cross a forest. As he walked for the long distance. He decided to take rest. So he kept his basket and slept under a tree. The tree was a dwelling place for a group of Monkeys. Slowly from one of the branches a monkey peeped out, it climbed down from the tree and slowly went near Selly. Monkey 1: Ahhh… he is sleeping. On seeing the caps immediately it whistled. All the Monkeys responded to the whistle. Monkey 1: I will throw the caps ... each one of you catch. One by one all the caps was distributed and the basket was empty. Every one wore the caps and was playing happily. Selly woke up because of the noises. Selly: My God! Basket is empty... where are my cap? Who would a taken it. He searched around and finally when he saw up he was shocked. Selly: What is this? Monkeys are wearing all the caps. How I am going to get it? Selly lifted his hand and gestered beating them which was imitated by the Monkeys? Selly: Hey… teasing me? you are should be. Hmmm…. They are repeating the action of mine. I should follow the same technique and get my caps back. Selly threw his cap down. Immediately all the monkeys threw the caps. Selly: Thank God . Without wasting any moment I should take all the caps and continue my journey. Selly picked his hats and packed his basket and started walking. Moral: Wisdom helps during difficult times. "


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