Birth Of Ghatotkach

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:02
Year: 2015

"Hidimba: Sister, I can smell a human. Do you? Hidimbi: Yes brother, I do and I can even hear the footsteps. Hidimba: Yes, hope a few of them are coming. Let me check. Hidimba saw the Pandavas. Hidimba: Hmmm… One, two, three, four and five... Ho ho my, today we are going to have a feast. Hidimbi: Brother… Hidimba: Sister, go kill and bring those five brothers. They will be our dinner. Hidimbi: As you say brother. Hidimbi approached their tent. There she stood still when she saw Bhima Hidimbi: Ho... how beautiful he is. I will marry him. But I bet he will never marry a demon like me. So... Hidimbi used her magical powers and disguised herself as a beautiful woman. Hidimbi: Let me approach him now. Hidimbi walked in Bhima’s direction. Bhima: Hey lady what are you doing in this forest ? Hidimbi: That’s the question I have for you? I belong to this forest. Bhima: Oh I see. I am Bhima. Bhima introduced himself. Hidimbi who heard the story developed a soft corner for Bhima. Hidimbi: Its better I stay near to their place. From that day Hidimbi stayed near Bhima’s tent. Days passed. Hidimba: What happened to my sister? She never has done this before. Saying so, Hidimba went in search of his sister. When he saw Hidimbi in human form He was taken aback. Hidimba: How dare? For the sake of a human she has broken all our rules. I will teach a lesson to that huge guy. Hidimba attacked Bhima in a furious way. They both fought vigorously. In the fight Hidimba lost his life. Hidimbi: Oh! How am I going to bear this loss? As days passed Hidimbi overcame her sorrow. She again met Bhima and convinced him to marry her. Bhima: Hidimbi, I will marry you but on one condition. Hidimbi: Condition ! what is that? Bhima: I will leave you after the birth of our child. Hidimbi with half heart accepted for the condition. Bhima with his mother’s permission married Hidimbi. Hidimbi: Dear, lets go to my place and stay there. Months rolled pass and Hidimbi delivered a baby boy. Bhima: I am happy Hidimbi. Hidimbi: Let us name him Ghatotkach. Bhima: Do you reconnect what I said before we got married? Hidimbi: Yes my dear. You can continue your journey with your brothers and mother. We have been blessed with the most powerful son. And I promise you that whenever you think of him he will appear before you. Bhima: Ok... take care of our son. See you. Hidimbi: Have a nice journey. Man: Ohh really interesting. Hidimbi: Ohh, its almost late evening. Let’s have a dinner. "


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