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Ayyadurai (Sarath Kumar) has been the local MLA (OAK Sundar) (30 years)ever since he killed the sitting MLA, who was robbing his constituents off their food. Maadasamy (Napoleon), who belongs to a different caste, has been his right-hand man since those times. Maadasamy's daughter Selvi (Nayanthara) loves Ayyadurai's son Chelladurai (Sarath Kumar), but he does not reciprocate her feelings. Karuppusamy (Prakash Raj), son of the MLA who was killed, holds hatred for Ayyadurai. He plans to become the MLA by either killing Ayya or driving a wedge into his friendship with Maadasamy, thereby getting the votes of everyone belonging to their caste. Selvi finally succeeds in convincing maadaswami&ayyadhurai about their marriage(Selvi and Chelladurai).But Karuppaswamy manages to find out in secrecy of Selvi's birth date and with the help of the inspector who is about to be transferred to successfully stop the marriage of Selvi and Chelladurai on basi of minor marriage(selvi).The inspector lies to all that ayyadurai secretly told to stop this marriage due to cast difference and maadaswamy immedeatly breaks the friendship. Maadaswami joins with karuppaswamy.He instigates Maadasamy into lodging a complaint against Ayyadurai for the murder of Karuppusamy's father 35 years ago. Chelladurai and Karuppusamy fight out in the next election. Karuppusamy tries to get Maadasamy killed in a political plot, Chelladurai saves Maadasamy and withdraws from election challenging Karuppusamy.Karuppusamy and Maadasamy fall at Ayyadurai's feet in remorse. Ayya forgives them, but has already called the police to get arrested for the murder of Karuppusamy's father ending the hatred against him if any in Karuppusamy's family.


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