Ant and Dove

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:12
Year: 2015

"An ant lived in an ant-hill near a river. It was busy always . The ant used to be very careful because it knew that its house was near the river. One day when the ant was standing on the banks of the river,A strong wind began to blow. Ant: What’s this today the weee……nd ……hey hey…. Before it could think further it fell screaming in to the water. The ant was struggling for its life in the water. Ant: Oh God! Please save me. On the other side of the river there lived a dove on the tree. It was leading a very happy life there. It was sitting on a tree. Dove: Ah!... today the wind is blowing strong and what’s that? By that time the ant came floating under the tree where the dove was sitting. Ant: Ohh God ! please save me. Dove: Oh God ! that’s an ant in the water, somehow I should save it. What todo… ahn... Immediately the dove plucked a leaf from the tree and threw it in the water. The ant saw t he leaf. Ant: Thank God The ant managed and climbed on the leaf and reached the shore. Once it reached the shore. Ant: My dear friend, I thank you very much and will never forget this timely help of yours. Dove: It’s always good to help others. After that incident the dove and the ant became very good friends. A few days passed by and one day the dove was flying very fast on the sky and... Dove: Oh God this eagle is chasing me and I have to save myself from being caught by this eagle. The dove came and sat on the tree where it lived and even the eagle came and sat on the topmost branch of the same tree waiting for the dove to come out. At the same time a hunter aimed at the dove with his arrow. Hunter: Ha Ha… today I will have the dove’s meat to eat. A delicious food to relish. Dove: God! The hunter is standing below trying to kill me and the eagle above me. Today I am finished. Ant: Hmmm…. How dare you aim the arrow to kill my friend. On that time the arrow which was aimed by the hunter lost its aim and went above the dove. Hunter: Ouch! It’s paining. Something bit me. He bent down to see an ant and he knew it was the ant that bit him. Hunter: I missed a delicious food today. So the Dove thanked the Ant. Dove: Thanks a lot my dear friend Ant: No formalities between friends. Moral: One good turn deserves another "


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