All Is For Good

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:00
Year: 2015

"Once, Akbar and Birbal were chatting. A plate full of mangoes was there before them. Akbar: Birbal, I have ordered for the mangoes from the royal gardens, Join me. Birbal: Sure Sir. Akbar: Birbal, these are rare type of fruits. Taste is too good. Let’s enjoy the taste. Birbal: Let me cut it for you my lord. Akbar: No no let me do it my self. While cutting the mango, Akbar hurts his finger. Akbar: Ah...ouch. Birbal: Whatever happens…. Happens for the best. Akbar gets furious. Akbar: What? How dare you? While I am suffering in pain you are saying such a thing. Guards, put this man behind the bars. The guards took Birbal and he was jailed. Birbal: Whatever happens…. Happens for the best. The next day Akbar went out for hunting with his ministers. Akbar: Ministers, I haven’t hunted a single animal. Let’s go deep into the forest. Minister: As you say may lord. We should be careful. Saying this Akbar followed by his ministers went deep into the forest. Akbar rode fast while the ministers stayed back. Akbar: Minister can you… hey where are they. How come they haven’t followed me. Ministers… ministers…. Where are they ? Akbar suddenly heard some noise and he listened carefully Akbar: What sound is that? Akbar saw a head of a tribal man peeping from behind a tree. Tribal head: Hey catch him. We have got a man for the sacrifice. Take him. Akbar was immediately taken as captive and was tied. Tribal head: The auspicious time has arrived. Get ready we will sacrifice him. Tribal 1: No... oh our head we cannot do that. Tribal head: Why ? Tribal 1: Look at his finger. He has an injured finger. Tribal head: Oh yes. I haven’t noticed that. Oh God please forgive us. We would have done a great mistake. Release him. You can go now. Akbar left the forest and returned to his palace. Akbar: Who is there? Release Birbal immediately and bring him here. Birbal met Akbar. Akbar: Birbal what you said is right. All is for good. This injury has saved me. Otherwise the tribals would have put an end to my life. Birbal: Whatever happens… happens for the best. Akbar: That’s ok. But why did you say that all is for good when I asked you to arrest you. Birbal: My lord. If you had not ordered to put me in prison I would have accompanied you. Akbar: Yes that’s right Birbal: If I had accompanied you, the tribal people would have taken both of us. Akbar: Yes. Birbal: And they would have given me as sacrifice to their god since I don’t have any flaw. Akbar: How true Birbal! Birbal: Whatever happens, happens for the best my Emperor. Akbar: You are really intelligent Birbal. Birbal: Thank you for your Compliment. "


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