Abhimanyu vs Ghatotkach

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:51
Year: 2015

"Subhadra and Abhimanyu left dwarka, and travelling to a forest to a different destination. The forest through which they were travelling was under the roul of Ghatotkach. And cool unmatchable son of Bhima who lived in the forest with his mother and subjects. He was one of the finest characters of the epic Mahabharat even know he was a Rakshasa. Of Hidimbi he was a affectionate and calvage. Bhima is son of Pandava prince meet and the rakshasi Hidimbi. He was only half rakshasa. Hidimbi: My son you have learnt all the arts of Rakshasa. And unlike other Rakshasa’s you are unaffectionate and polite person. Quality is given habited from your father. Ghatotkach: Mother… Hidimbi: Remember one think I have promised to your father that you will appear before him, Whenever he thinks of you. Ghatotkach: I will always remember your words mother. Ghatotkach along with his mother and his gang lived a peaceful life in the forest. Ghatotkach: Hey Shambo I am feeling bored Shambo: Ohh Hoo head let me do some magic. Lambo: I will do some Magic? Shambo: I will do it. Lambo: I will Shambo: I will do it. Lambo: I will Shambo: I will do it. Lambo: I will Ghatotkach: Ohh ho ho… Stop… stop… stop… Hey shambo hey lambo I have some trick. I can smell the presence some human being. Shambo: Oye hoye… Lambo: Oye hoye… Ghatotkach: Shambo go and look out in the forest Shambo: I will also join him Both Shambo and Lambo searched the forest. And was shocked. Abhimanyu and Subhadra Shambo: Hey Lambo they seem. To be mother and son. Lambo: Come lets inform a leader. Shambo: Hey our leader we saw a mother and her son. Ghatotkach: How dare they enter in to my border go bring them here. Shambo: Oye hoye… Lambo: Oye hoye… Both Shambo and Lambo disappeared and this is invisible with they magic powers they troubled Abhimanyu and Subhadra Subhadra: Abhimanyu look we are going to be enchaufed by the fire. Abhimanyu: Do not worry mother. Let me enchaufed this fire… Abhimanyu shot an arrow a special power Subhadra: Well done my son. Shambo and lambo blocked their way by turning themselves to rocks. Abhimanyu: Mother there seem to be a tricks of some rakshasha. Let me teach him a lesson. Abhimanyu’s next arrow makes shambo and lambo. They went back to ghatotkach Shambo: Ah…Amma… Lambo: Ah…Amma… Ghatotkach: Hey fools Why are you crying? Lambo: Get human ah ammma…… Ghatotkach: (Hmm…) Let me handle this my self. Ghatotatkach appeared before them . Ghatotkach: Hey, Human How dare you hurt my friends. I will teach you a lesson. Abhimanyu: Ho…it is you who was behind them. Come let’s see who wins. Ghatotkach and Abhimanyu fought Ghatotkach was invisible seems to be very powerful. Ghatotkach: Iam left with no choice But use my magic . Abhimanyu: Ah mother… Abhimanyu fainted Subhadra who is watching all the time became furious. She took bow and arrow Subhadra: I will mother of abhimanyu, Wife of Arjuna. The pandava think swear to kill this Rakshasha. When Ghatotatkach who heard the name of arjuna. he was surprised next moment, He appeared before Subhadra. Ghatotkach: Mother please for give me. I never had a clue about you. I maid a mistake. Please forgive me. Subhadra: Who are you my son? Ghatotkach: I am Ghatotkach son of Bhima I live here with my mother Hidimbi. Subhadra: Oh, My son. How are you? How’s your mother. Ghatotkach: We are fine ah first let me wake up my brother. Abhimanyu slowly opened his eyes. Abhimanyu: Where is that rakshasa? I will kill him. Ghatotkach: Ah… Cool brother cool. I am here under the kinds hands of our mother. Abhimanyu: Mother, Who are you? Subhadra: He is your brother, Son of Bhima. Abhimanyu: How lucky iam. I never thought that I would meet my brother that two in this forest. Ghatotkach: Me too.. Now no excuse you have to stay with me an honours. Subhadra: As you say my son. Ghatotkach, Subhadra and abhimanyu reached the home of Ghatotkach Ghatotkach: Mother… Mother Hidimbi: Son come in. And who are they? Ghatotkach narrated everything. Hidimbi: I am so happy. please come in. Hidimbi took everyone inside her home. "


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